Nokia Announces Partnership with Red Hat for Cloud Services

Nokia have announced their strategic partnership with IBM-owned Red Hat, allowing some of Nokia's cloud services to migrate over.

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As far as business partnerships go, this is one of the more personal partnerships, with a high degree of mutual commitment. As such, some Nokia employees are even moving to Red Hat to allow it to happen. 

The aim of the partnership is to tightly integrate Nokia’s core network applications with Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift, in the name of cloud-friendliness.

”This agreement further demonstrates Nokia Cloud and Network Services’ continued momentum to rebalance its portfolio. It will allow us to provide customers with our best-in-class core network applications, together with best-in-class cloud infrastructure from Red Hat, a global leader in open source infrastructure technology.”

Fran Heeran, GM of Core Networks, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia

”Red Hat recognises the explosive impact of 5G- not only for service providers, but across all industries- wit hthe most exciting developments still to come. 5G is revolutionizing how businesses and people interact with the development of next-generation app;ications, services and use cases. 

As part of this partnership, Nokia is offering our multicloud, cloud native infrastructure together with their core networks applications, enabling service providers to capitalize on the 5G opportunity by deploying their 5G networks using Red Hat OpenStack Platform and RedHat OpenShift.”

Darrell Jordan-Smith, SVP, Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment & Edge, Red Hat

There’s more to this conversation here.

The customer relationships will still belong to Nokia, but with a heavy lean onto Red Hat to make the core network magic happen. An example of this is that a path will be developed for Nokia Container services and Nokia CloudBand Infrastructure Software customers to migrate to Red Hat’s platforms over time. Cloud is something Red Hat are much more reliable in, so Nokia hope customers can view this change quite as highly as they do.

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