Why your Business Needs VoIP More than Ever

With the time until the Big Switch Off ticking down, businesses need to start upgrading now more than ever.

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With constant advancements in the Digital Voice program, as well as the announcements that almost 50% of the UK now has access to fibre, probably has most people upgrading their home telephones, or even just getting rid of them. But what about businesses? Hundreds of businesses are still running on ISDN systems, only a few months before Openreach stop selling copper products altogether. 

By 2025, the ISDN and PSTN networks these businesses rely on will be cut off and completely remove their telecoms system. With proper planning, however, this can be prevented, and your business can be smooth-sailing past the Big Switch Off. 

The Big Switch Off won’t only be affecting phones, however. It will also affect hardware such as CCTV systems, card machines, or electric gates. 

When switching your business from the legacy ISDN networks, you’ll have to consider some factors. One of these is the pre-existing numbers your business use. To upgrade to a modern, VoIP system, numbers will have to be ported or scrapped for new ones altogether. 

While it may seem like a pain to port these numbers over, it doesn’t have to be. Many telcos offer deals or even free porting to upgrading customers. As for having to log each one- maybe it’s time for a spring clean. 

Another factor business owners must take into account are the features and functionality of the VoIP telephony they decide on. While some offers allow you to customise, others may come with extra costs for features you don’t need. Make sure to be getting a plan with exactly what you need. 

The later businesses postpone making the shift to digital, the more complicated and costly the process will become. Preparation starts now, and businesses need to consider all aspects of how to go about this change and what it may mean for operations. 

The Big Switch Off Dates

September 2023 – Openreach will stop selling copper products to providers. 

December 2025 – The PSTN/ISDN will be switched off and UK landlines will no longer operate.

January 1st, 2026 – All phone calls, from home or business, will be hosted via the internet. 

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