Deskphones are vital for many organizations

Whether it’s a home office or a common workspace, you want to enjoy super clear conversations. Combine our VoIP features with the reliability of a traditional phone and increase your business success.

And when we are talking about success, by that we mean that your costs will be reduced a lot, and your taxes will be lower especially for any overseas calls. VoIP phones are the best phones you can use.

The phones are built to deliver excellent sound, they are not expensive, they are extremely accessible, portable, and your business can start its scalable journey.

The VoIP phone package can be used in small teams with not so many members, but also in large teams where the manager needs to be in control. The communication with your customers will be clearer than ever, and the user can multitask while talking on the phone.

Everything about a VoIP phone is better than a normal landline. You have way more control over the call, and you can deliver the information how you want it, it is cheaper and safer.

We recommend...

Yealink T33G

Cost-effective color screen IP phone


Yealink T54W

Prime business phone


Yealink W73P

Basic DECT IP Phone System


Yealink W76P

High-performance DECT IP Phone System 


Poly VVX 150

Featuring HD sound, display and 2 line appearances


Poly VVX 250

Featuring HD sound, a colour display and 4 line appearances


Poly VVX 350

Featuring HD sound, a colour display and 6 line appearances


Poly VVX 450

Featuring HD sound, a colour display and 12 line appearances


Fanvil X3U

A cost-effective deskphone what have a high-resolution color display and HD sound


Fanvil X5U

This deskphone has a 3.5″ main colour display and a 2.4″ side colour display for DSS keys


Fanvil X6U

Featuring three color displays, newly added line keys with LED light and built-in Bluetooth


Fanvil X7A

Is an enterprise deskphone with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen for up to 127 DSS key entries


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