don't miss any call from your clients

With voicemail, you'll never miss a customer message again

If you can’t answer the phone, voicemail will automatically route the call to the customer. This means that if you miss your workstation and don’t answer the phone within 10 seconds, the call will go to voicemail. Just leave the phone on the desk and after 10 seconds, the call can be routed to voicemail. And that’s it!

Adaptive voicemail configuration according to working hours: now you can configure multiple time profiles for voicemail.

No need to repeat messages: you may want to change your voicemail to reflect changes in your work schedule or to inform your customers that you are on holiday, you can record and switch multiple greeting options.

Secure, simple, and always accessible

Every voicemail you receive is securely stored on Airbytes servers, accessible by dialing *95 on your desk phone or softphone, by accessing myAirbytes or receiving the recorded messages by email.

A personalized voicemail greeting is a professional approach to greeting a caller. You can introduce yourself, start the conversation pleasantly and thank the caller for their time.

It’s also a strategic approach to avoid missed calls, as voicemail lets the customer know you’ll be there to help them, even at a future date.