here are the most important features of the Hosted Telephone System offered by Airbytes

Set everything up online from your account

Complete online, the hosted voice system configuration with individual account setup and an easy-to-use interface

  • Everything will be set up online directly from your administrator account;
  • No need for physical intervention by our on-site technicians;
  • Personalized accounts for each team member;
  • Individual voice mailboxes;
  • Monitor the presence of your team members with the attendance display.

VoIP Business Telephone Systems or HTS

One number, multiple extensions

Your primary phone number is hosted entirely online as a cloud phone, giving you various opportunities when creating phone number extensions for departments and individuals, for different devices and locations

  • Flexible features that can be customized to your needs;
  • Organizations become global and more efficient with virtual phone extensions;
  • Support large phone deployments with our business dial plan.

Answer from anywhere using our softphone app, Dialogue

Change the way you do business: working remotely using a hosted voice system is a growing trend in the modern business environment.

The Airfone can be used from anywhere, anytime, while retaining the same phone functionality you’d have in the office.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR system can read voice and touch-tone keypad inputs and get caller information. It then routes the information through a database and automatically sends it to your customers.

  • Personalize greetings or use pre-recorded Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages;
  • Automatically collect data about your customers’ needs and route calls to the most qualified agent;
  • If the problem is clearly defined, your customer may be able to resolve it without being transferred to an agent;
  • Prioritize calls according to the situation presented.

Transfer your phone number

Portability is the future.

Have you decided it’s time to expand your business and are looking for new opportunities? Nothing could be easier! We have great portability offers and you can keep the same phone numbers from your old provider.

Take your office phone number with you

No longer tied to a physical location, with the right technology you can have your office anywhere.

Need to be in another location for a few days, weeks or longer, but still need to work? Or maybe you’ve found another location where you’d like to move your entire business? All you need to do is pack your things and take your phone number with you to make sure that your team members and customers are not affected in any way.

Work remotely with Airbytes technology!

Set up in minutes

Install your hosted voice system in minutes with the Airbytes installation wizard. The all-in-one app that puts you in control of your business communications!

Plug and play with popular IP phone manufacturers or with our multi-platform softphone app, Dialogue.

Dedicated 24/7 support team

A dedicated engineer is assigned to each individual customer. Whenever you need support, you’ll be redirected to your assigned engineer, who already knows your company and the configuration you have in place.

Think of Airbytes as one of your teams. Our engineers will work with your staff to design, configure, and manage your hosted telephone system.