UK VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Developers choose self-managed UK VPS hosting

UK VPS hosting is a good choice if you have a growing business or several ongoing projects and want full control over your hosting environment.

You’ll get complete root access with an SSH key, allowing you to alter any file, add apps, and fully personalise your VPS.

We offer scalable performance solutions so you don’t need to provide resources but simply add as your business expands.

Operating systems and distributions

Find the best UK VPS Operating system

UK VPS Hosting

Choose one of our existing plans or contact us to customise one for eCommerce, Email server, or Testing environments

All VPS Hosting plans include


The VPS is activated quickly. We'll deliver it in minutes if you follow the simple buying instructions or contact us


Our VPSs have Intel next-gen architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and highly resilient infrastructure

Dedicated space

You can host projects on every VPS hardware. You can edit it with admin access and SSH


Our VPS solutions may grow with your organisation. Never worry about sharing project resources. No downtime for hardware upgrades


Using the Control Panel Snapshot feature, you may quickly take a snapshot of your virtual server

Traffic limitless

With unlimited traffic and guaranteed bandwidth, you can give clients a great surfing experience


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