Transform any room into a collaboration space with one device

Make sure everyone can be heard without interruptions and don`t miss a single word. Conference Phones use Expansion microphones to deliver brilliant audio for even large conference rooms. Launch and join meetings at the touch of a button.

A meeting does not have to happen with everyone in person. Conference phones are just the perfect fit for a team that needs to communicate clear, fast, and with no interruptions. So, if you are looking to implement a few devices to manage your team calls, you should take into consideration sound quality improvement.

It is very important to feel like the whole team is there together even though the distance may be represented by hundreds of kilometers. If your team is efficient in meetings, they will have better results.

Just like a brand new technology for headphones, these conference phones are equipped with the Noise Block feature. Noise block will come in very handy when one of your team members cannot reach the meeting and needs to participate. This will help you continue your conference, offering him the possibility of hearing every word you say in the meeting. Taking into consideration that he might be in traffic, a good sound is always helpful

Each of the conference phones we offer is equipped with expansion microphones for better voice delivery. These phones are working best in conference rooms with a lot of echoes because they are so capable of capturing sound.

Now you can coordinate your meetings from anywhere.

Noise Block

For a conference call that gets the best results, ensure every single word is heard without the distracting background noise.

One-Touch Join

Jump into meetings with a single touch of a button and keep your time productive.

Full Meeting Control

Control everything during your meeting from a single device.


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