don't miss any call from your clients

With voicemail, you will never miss a client message again

If you can’t answer the phone, voicemail will automatically route the call to the customer. That means if you are gone from your workstation and don’t pick up the phone within 5 seconds, the call goes to voice mail. But you leave your phone on the desk. After 5 seconds, the call can be routed to your voicemail. And that’s it!

Adaptive voice mail setup for working hours – Now you can set up multiple time profiles for your voicemail

No need to repeat messages – Maybe you want to alter your voicemail to reflect changes in your working hours or to inform your customers that you’re on vacation. With many welcomes recorded and switched between in seconds

Safe, simple, and anytime accessible

Every voice message you receive is safely saved on Airbytes servers, accessible by *95 on your deskphone or softphone

A personalized voicemail greeting is a professional approach to greet a caller. You can introduce yourself, start the conversation nicely, and thank the caller for his time

It’s also a strategic approach to avoid missing calls. It’s better than nothing. If a customer feels unanswered, he may never call again

Voicemail lets him know you’ll be there to help him next time


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