from 1964 in our offices and used daily

All the functionalities of a physical fax machine on your account

Stop spending money and space and use Airbytes Fax to Email Services. You can have all the functionalities of a physical fax machine directly from your app, and a lot more.

You need to deliver a critical document or even a photo to a customer as quickly as possible, but due to the file size or a sensitive spam filter, this process might be challenging for both parties. Good news! Everything has become considerably easier! Simply upload the necessary files to the Airbytes fax and send them to the client number associated with the fax. He will get it exactly as you would if you were sending it from a physical fax machine

  • Send on a recurring basis – Simply set up a date and time, and Airbytes will send the fax to email for you at the scheduled time.


  • Multiple receivers – Need to send the same files to multiple customers? Simply add all of their numbers together, and you’re done.


We are living in the age of technology, and it is so important that we can share files and important documents quickly and with all our team members and business collaborators. Fax to email is a new type of service that has managed to switch to a more performant form. There are new ways to share files with each other and get faxes on your smartphone thanks to our service

If you do not remember why fax files are still important, it is because anything you send using a fax method is much safer than using a regular email service provider. The fax data is sent and then turned into a file, PDF, or other formats


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