BT Group Move Forward in Cloud Transformation

Following an assessment by EDM Council, BT look to move forward with new technology.

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BT’s digital unit have successfully completed the EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities assessment (CDMC). 

BT’s Digital Unit is stepping into a cloud transformation after completing an assessment by ProjectiveGroup, that covers all key aspects of managing data for increased value and reduced risk. The assessment criteria is based on the EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) Framework, a lengthy set of industry-standard guidelines and best practices to allow organisations to move their data into cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud ecosystems. 

BT Group state that passing this assessment gives them a ”robust framework for moving forward at pace with its cloud and data ambition”. 

This assessment is the first of it’s kind by EDM Council, and was collaborated on by over 50 experts in relevant sectors including data management, engineering, architecture, legal, and networks. This assessments is expected to have reduced the duplication of effort in setting up data classification and management systems by a huge 70%. 

As well as this, it is also expected to provide ‘clear routes’ to the deployment of strategic applications and data services, and informs the pace at which analytics and AI can be deployed ‘responsibly’. This will most likely be a large part of the outcome of this, with AI becoming a driving force for industries and organisations of all kinds. 

“As we look to drive customer and commercial outcomes built on the potential of our data resources, ensuring we have a robust foundation from which to build is vital. The CDMC framework underpins our data ambition, providing us with a robust, safe and ethical grounding from which to drive value and build trust, for the Group and for customers. It also gives us a yardstick from which to build and measure improvements to ensure we can continue to lead the field. We have been a strong supporter and participant in the development of the CDMC framework since its earliest days,”

Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture, BT Group.

John Bottega, the President of EDM Council, added: ”BT Group’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities assessment marks a major milestone in its commitment to cloud leadership,” as well as mentioning that ”Having its cloud platform independently assessed will give the Group’s partners even greater confidence in accelerating their own adoption of cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies with the assurance that their data is controlled and protected.”

The detailed talk on the safety and constant assurance of the deployment of cloud and AI technologies is seemingly a way to put the public’s concerns to rest, following the AI news that has been dominating our headlines so recently. As such a large company, however, it does make sense that there would be alot of diligence going into these new business areas. 

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