EE Giving a Boost to Summer Events with 125 Temporary Masts

With huge events throughout summer, EE have temporarily expanded their mobile network to keep customers connected in particularly busy areas.

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With events getting bigger and better, one thing needs to upgrade with them- and that’s the networks. Network congestion happens when mobile sites receive a surge of people trying to connect at the same time. This is notably common at big sporting events and music festivals. 

To combat this, EE have performed 125 network upgrades to temporary 4G and 5G masts throughout the UK. This will allow for better download speeds and more reliable coverage during huge events. 

With Glastonbury just finished, we can see the huge impact they had on the people there and the official coverage, with high-quality broadcasts able to be televised each day. 

Some other venues, receiving these masts include Latitude Festival, Silverstone, Wembley Stadium, Reading and Leeds Festival, and the Royal Ascot. This will allow visitors at any of these events to document their experiences in high-quality, without needing to wait for loading times while just scrolling their feeds. 

”For many people the summer is all about spending time making memories with family and friends. By expanding our network capacity with these temporary 4G and 5G sites, we are helping enhance the live event experience for our customers.”

”Whether they want to FaceTime their parents from the Pyramid Stage or surf their social feeds at Boardmasters, they can count on EE to make it a summer to remember.”

Greg McCall, Chief Networks Officer, BT Group

EE as a whole have been working hard to get connectivity to their customers this year. Just recently they announced having deployed over 600 street-level small cell sites to increase 4G capacity in busy areas. 

Overall, throwing up masts in event grounds will do great for those trying to document their activities throughout the summer, and keep them unbothered by the network congestion they inevitably would face otherwise. 

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