Vodafone Announce Lifetime Warranty and Battery Refreshes for new Phones

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Vodafone Introduces EVO Contracts with Lifetime Warranty and Battery Replacements

UK operator Vodafone is unveiling a new set of benefits for its EVO contracts, including battery replacements for three years and a unique “lifetime service promise.” Vodafone claims to be the only provider in the UK offering such a comprehensive lifetime warranty, which covers both new and refurbished phones.

Under the Lifetime Warranty, all phones purchased with this plan will be eligible for warranty repairs as long as customers maintain at least one Vodafone Pay Monthly Airtime Plan on their account. This means that even if customers upgrade to a new device and retain their old one as a backup, both phones will remain covered for repairs.

Customers enrolled in the plan can also utilize the Battery Refresh Tool in the My Vodafone app. The tool conducts diagnostics on battery performance, and if deemed necessary, customers can have their batteries replaced by sending them to a Vodafone shop.

Max Taylor, Vodafone’s UK Chief Commercial Officer, expressed excitement about the new service, stating, “We know that customers are now keeping phones for up to four years, so we are thrilled to be adding our new market-leading Lifetime Service Promise to Vodafone EVO. It gives our customers that extra peace of mind, knowing their phone is covered for as long as they choose to keep the device.”

The release cites research from CCS Insight, revealing that 45% of people prefer repairing mobile phones instead of replacing them, and the average expected lifetime of a mobile phone is 4.2 years. Given the ongoing cost of living crisis, the appeal of repairing rather than replacing expensive smartphones is growing.

Battery issues are often among the first problems encountered with phones, making the battery replacement service especially convenient. It is important to note that the repairs covered by the Lifetime Warranty are limited to manufacturer faults, not damage resulting from accidents or mishandling.

In conclusion, Vodafone’s EVO contracts with the Lifetime Warranty and battery replacements offer customers extended peace of mind and a sustainable approach to mobile phone usage. As consumers increasingly seek ways to maximize the lifespan of their devices, Vodafone’s initiative aligns with this growing trend.

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