T-Mobile continues to hold Monopoly on US Mobile Performance

As Opensignal publish another group of Experience Awards, we can see T-Mobile begin to falter in the 5G sector.

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T-Mobile US gets some bragging rights over its competitors, coming out on top in a new mobile experience survey.

It doesn’t quite get that top spot in everything, however, losing out on multiple 5G categories to Verizon.

The data was collected by mobile analytics company Opensignal, posting both their Mobile Network Experience report and 5G Experience Reports for the US last week. T-Mobile would quickly jump on it, issuing a release of its own where it got to talk up its performance over both reports. Despite this, its better to look a little closer at the data to see what the real performance of T-Mobile is like.

Verizon picked up five Opensignal awards in 5G to T-Mobile’s two and none for AT&T

Mobile Network Experience Report _ July 2023 _ © Opensignal Limited

A big point for Verizon was that it pulled ahead of T-Mobile in 5G upload speed, having been a good amount behind in the previous report at the beginning of the year. Funnily enough, this data was collected between March and June, showing a quick drive to improve from Verizon.

”This time around, due to an impressive increase in its score of 2.4 Mbps (14.9%), Verizon wins gold for 5G upload speed with a score of 18.5 Mbps – 0.3 Mbps ahead of the previous winner, breaking T-Mobile’s streak of seven consecutive wins,” Opensignal said. Verizon also managed to pick up four awards covering video, live video, gaming and voice app experience.

T-Mobile managed to hold onto the fastest 5G download speed, however, with their 195.5 Mbps coming in twice as fast as Verizon’s average speeds and 2.4% as fast as AT&T. Despite this, Opensignal points out that all three of the companies had improved their speeds, which is great news for the broader industry.

T-Mobile also won on availability, another reason to be quite so upbeat about its results. It made sure to remind the rest of the industry about its 5G network covering 326 million across 2 million square miles, which it says is more than AT&T and Verizon combined. It’s ultra-capacity 5G actively covers 275 million people and aims to cover 300 million by the end of this year.

While it can’t quite claim the real 5G leadership, it certainly had the monopoly elsewhere.

T-Mobile won six of the eight categories in the Mobile Experience Report, with AT&T and Verizon picking up one each themselves. Within T-Mobile’s winnings were download and upload speed experience. To add more bragging rights to the win, they had increased winning margins against competitors by more than 22%, greatly widening the lead over AT&T.

”The new reports from Opensignal show why T-Mobile is THE overall network and technology leader in wireless, and it’s only going to get better for our customers as we continue delivering new innovations and capabilities.”

Ulf Ewaldsson, President of Technology at T-Mobile US

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