Telefónica Enters the World of Robotics

Telefónica and ARME have partnered together to create a robotics technology hub in a hope to expand the field of robotics in Spain.

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Telefónica Tech, the telco’s more imaginative branch, is set to launch a robotics technology hub. This will be in collaboration with the Spanish Mobile Robotics Association (ARME) and the intention is to boost the field of robotics within Spain.

The hub will reportedly be based in The ThinX, which is Telefónica Tech’s IoT and Big Data applied technology laboratory. It will allow other companies from the technology and industrial sector to ‘research, innovate and co-create solutions’ to boost the robotics field. Reportedly, this laboratory is one of the most advanced and equipped environments in the world. We think that makes it plenty qualified as a place to boost robotics.

As well as this pre-existing lab, there will be a secondary 200 m2 test area. This will be based at the DTA facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz.

This team-up between Telefónica Tech and ARME will allow the business world to simulate robotic products in real environments, before implementing them. This is a huge selling point of these spaces, and will allow these companies to use the resources of Telefónica. It’s basically a sandbox for companies to trial their new toys.

As well as robots directly, both institutions will co-operate within multiple technologies, including communications, robots, navigation and localisation, and software. This range can then be complemented by other companies related to clould capabilities, edge computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Why make a hub for it?

By creating this hub, both ARME and Telefónica aim to promote education and employment, as well as meeting the needs of any future consumers of robotic solutions and promote environmental sustainability.

Establishing and boosting international robotics will also be much more efficient with the hub. This is because ARME can provide them with access to human resources centered around mobile robotics, as well as legal support for creating subsidiaries within Spain.

”The creation of this international mobile robotics hub will allow us to share knowledge and expand our capabilities in this field to develop the most innovative robotic solutions in demand in the market that help companies to digitally transform and gain in efficiency.”

Elena Gil Lizasoain, Global Director of Product and Business Operations for IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech

An ARME representative stated they see the creation of the hub as a ‘key step’ towards Spain topping the sector. Several companies, all with majority capital in Spain, come together to make ARME. It has a vision to make Spain the world leader in robotics, and predictions in the sector are highly ambitious. This is evident in the predicted annual growth rate of 10% in the next five years.

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